Longhorn Lean Beef...... The Heart Healthy Alternative!


Found myself in the grocery store, staring blankly at steaks in the meat department. ...So much fat, so much heavy marbling... My eyes traveled to the label- Angus. Everything marked "Angus Beef". Does the average consumer even know that for a beef animal to be classified as Angus all it has to be is BLACK?!! Beside the point, I tell myself, looking back at the steaks. So much fat! The market has taken it to the extreme. It will only be a matter of time before the consumer realizes this and then the demand will turn to leaner, healthier beef. LONGHORN BEEF! 


Always having heard about how good longhorn beef is and after the meat dept. episode, I decided to begin finishing out some longhorn steers. The meat is wonderful with great flavor! LEAN- yet it is tender! The response from buyers has been terrific with the most common question being- " When will you take the next steers in? "

Gatillero, showing his assets, appears here courtesy of Carol Carlson (CC Land & Cattle Company)

My steers are selected for certain traits to assure a high quality finished product. During weaning they are given free access to pasture, hay and are grain fed twice a day. After weaning they are turned out to full pasture. I bring them in two or four at a time when they reach the ideal size and age to begin their finishing. During the finishing period they are given free choice grain mixture, fresh, clean water, good quality hay and pasture access. They are never injected with or fed growth hormones or antibiotics. Grass grown and grain finished, great care is taken to provide the best quality beef possible.

Also offering crossbred steers, either Longhorn/Angus or Longhorn/Charolais, check for availability.  Typically steers are matched up by the pair for finishing.  The beef can be cut to your own specifications when purchasing a half.  Contact me today for pricing & to reserve your quarter/half/whole longhorn lean beef steer!!